[The room wasn’t lit at all, because there were throngs of hands holding white candles that shined so brightly that the whole room may as well have not had walls… I passed through hordes of people, many I knew, who for the first time, acknowledged my existence on a footing that was equal with the rest of them…

… and when I approached the altar, I was enveloped in big white hands…

… and I was perfect in every sense for about fifteen minutes of my life.

I sang, and loudly.

This is what you do to me.] – (author’s name withheld)

    I will.
    I’ll wait.

    I meant what I said. I’ll wait. Here, today, in the halogen backwash of this morning’s unspoken aftermath, I will, I’ll wait, so bring on, my love, the cold, still air of your potential debris and I shall gather and keep each silent vow like Autumn’s wind-devils cradle the scattering leaves.

    I meant what I said. I’ll wait. There, tomorrow, at the stillest of points between past and bright future, I will, I’ll wait, as the notion of us crests like an ambient wave and then circles the stars with the lightest of breath until Heaven’s fine hairs shiver up on its neck.

    I meant what I said, I’ll wait. Wherever, forever, until time’s mechanisms cease their incessant tick, I will. I’ll wait, and if I do this all right, and I plan it all well, you shall remember that room with the fading view and the hundreds of people whom you barely knew, bright and alive in that tempest of flame, and then forget them all to the music I make.

    I will
    I’ll wait.


Catch up there.

Life is…well.   It’s life.


I’m not!  Really!   🙂

I’m in the new home but it appears as if parts of my computer are missing.   My keyboard and mouse, to be specific.   I’m looking, but it’s Christmas and there is so much to do.   Last week was eight million sugar cookies week.   Well, not eight million, really, but damned close.

Right now I’m at the local library.   Just checking in to let all of my friends know I still exist. 

I’ll be back.   Swear.

 Much love;


Life here is hectic of late. I’m moving. Found a beautiful little three bedroom ranch in a quiet neighborhood and to get it I had to jump fast. As a result, all of my free time is full of packing, packing, and, yeah, more packing. So, I’ll be diconnected for awhile. Perhaps two weeks time. Not sure. I’m not gone for good. Just gone for the good. If that makes sense.

Much love;


New England, it is.
One night and a wish.
My hands in your hair.
Your hands on my hips.
The friction of denim.
Cotton sparking in black.
The thrill of the heat.
The arch of my back.
A weakening of knees.
A shiver of skin.
Just open your life.
I want to walk in.